Goodbye Hospice Africa Uganda!

So we’re moving towards the end.  Last weekend we went to Jinja – the source of The Nile!!  It was a really peaceful place with some really pleasant architecture (so made a nice change from Kampala!).  Lots of westerners visit Jinja to go white water rafting on the Nile.  We were looking for something a bit more relaxing so had a scenic boat ride around the source.  

Today was mine and Rosie’s last day at Hospice Africa Uganda.  This morning we went to our last 8 a.m. morning meeting (which was sad – I’ll really miss starting my day with a hymn featuring African Drum accompaniment!) before giving a presentation in the Hospice Journal Club.  The presentation was on Task Centred Approaches in social work.  During our time at the hospice, so many of the patients we have visited have been experiencing multiple social issues.   We thought that all the clinical staff might benefit from thinking about how they might be able to approach social issues in a more systematic way.  Hence we thought Task Centred Approaches might be of interest.  The presentation seemed to be a success and the staff had some really interesting ideas about how Task Centred Approaches might be applicable to an African setting. 

After the presentation we had a group photo and spent the rest of the day saying our goodbyes to the hospice.  I know both me and Rosie would like to say thank you to everyone at the hospice for making our stay so enjoyable.  Also a special thank you to Nenet for ensuring we were always looked after.

Me and Rosie spent the rest of our week finishing off work and visiting patients in their own home.  Yesterday it was really nice to see a patient who I’d had the opportunity to visit on 3 occasions.  When we first visited the patient the household was in extremely challenging conditions.   Part of my work at the hospice was to arrange a family meeting so these issues could be discussed.  This meeting took place, and the family made arrangements for how to support this household better.  It was so nice to visit yesterday.  The conditions had improved dramatically.       

At the moment all 5 of us are at Red Chilli’s Hideaway in Kampala.  All our placements are now over so the rest of the time in Uganda will be spent relaxing and sightseeing.  Tomorrow there will be a trip to Entebbe’s Botanical Gardens and on Sunday morning we’re all off to Murchison Falls and a 3 day safari.  Then we’ll be returning to the UK and the end of our Ugandan bubble.


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