First week

Blog Sorry for the late post, internet isnt always available and we have been so busy, but here is a link to a humerous post Ryan wrote about our arrival, if you havn’t already seen it:

Following an interesting Ugandan introduction, we all left the hostel and went to our respective placements. Colin and I are staying and working at Hos[ice Africa Uganda, an amazing organisation providing palliative care services to a large number of Ugandan people.

I am enjoying waking up to the sounds of Uganda and saying hellp to my new friends (two goats I have named Elephant and Lion…who have apparently been living here since they were the prize for winning a football match!). The people are so friendly here, the weather is wonderful and the food is great (although there is so much of it and I still can’t fathom what half of it is yet, but it tastes great!)..we also have showers and electricity, so are in relative luxury in comparison to Ryan and Katie, who don’t have either of these as yet!

Colin and I have been given our introduction and have found out all about what we will be doing over our four short weeks here. From home visits to attending day care sessions (where today we baked a banana cake!), attending clinic, working with various staff members, visiting the childrens cancer institute and working with children and young people..there is so much to fit in and it is all very exciting. We are also becoming incfreaisngly aware of real poverty and the many problems facing service users in relation to this, something which will become even more apparent as we go along.

We will post updates on our work as we go along. In the mean time, hope you are enjoying the snowy weather!


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